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Our Story

Humble beginnings

Since 2018, we have been on a mission to make sure healthy also means good taste. At PlantCuts, we’ve created vegan versions of classic meats to ensure plant-based eaters can get the protein they need, while also having great-tasting food to add to their meals. We know how replacing a few meals a week with plant-based foods can create better health for all, and we want this to be easy and accessible for everyone, with delicious food that is delivered right to your door.


Wasn't always vegan

Our Founder, Ron, wasn’t always vegan. After being advised by his doctor to change his eating habits, Ron decided to go plant-based. He knew he had to make a lifestyle change but had no intention of giving up flavor. While he discovered the secrets to creating amazing plant-based “meats,” he knew he had to share these delicious foods with others, and PlantCuts was born. 

Our Commitments

Plant-based goodness

We believe that everyone should have access to fresh and nourishing food that is sustainable for both people and our planet.

Through a vertically integrated and multi-channel distribution system, we are making plant-based food accessible to everyone everywhere.

We nourish, revitalize, and rejuvenate, one meal at a time.