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Happy 2022!

A new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start. Whether that fresh start involves a new relationship, course, job, or exercise routine, beginnings can often be difficult — yet they can also be very exciting!
And changing your diet can also be exciting and very rewarding, health-wise.

This January, we encourage you to try a vegan diet, if you aren’t already doing so. PlantCuts believes that the non-profit organization Veganuary has the right idea in promoting veganism for the month of January and beyond. This organization encourages people worldwide to move to a plant-based diet as a means to protect the environment, prevent animal suffering and improve one’s health. Since the group began in 2014, millions of people have taken the pledge to follow a vegan diet for the first month of the year. Many have continued with that diet even beyond the month. At the end of the thirty-one days, there have been reports from participants of improvement in their skin, sleep patterns, digestion, hair and sinuses. There have been reports of improved mental clarity, arthritis, energy level and mood. All very positive, while all improving the state of the natural world.

Although taking on a vegan diet is not always an easy transition, it is very doable. The key is to research what a vegan diet consists of, to plan meals, and shop accordingly. There are countless options for ingredients and menus, and creativity and experimental cooking are the way to go. Rice, whole grains, potatoes, legumes, veggies, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices can all find their way into your kitchen pantry, refrigerator and freezer – and ultimately onto your plate.

PlantCuts creates vegan versions of classic meats to ensure plant-based eaters can get the protein they need, while also having great-tasting food to add to their meals. So, for “Veganuary” and beyond, you can go ahead and plan countless main courses that feature grains or potatoes, veggies, and “meats” just like you were likely eating before. Our lineup includes deli “meats”: salami, pastrami, corned beef, chicken loaf, roast beef. We offer our version of bacon as well as BBQ ribs, different flavored beef strips, and our popular beef crumble, which is very versatile and great for chili or pizza topping or salad topping.

We offer semi-prepared plant-based meals that are full of flavor and protein, and only need a quick and easy preparation: heat them up and serve them with your side dishes. Our chicken meals, sesame beef, and chile sans carne are a real hit, even with kid customers! And we know how picky they can be.

Check out for more information about challenging yourself and your family to take on a vegan diet this month

And check out to learn how and what PlantCuts can add to that vegan diet of yours.

Order some vegan good eats from PlantCuts, and happy eating.