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Creative & Healthy Kitchen

When we started out in the food industry and considered a design and logo for PlantCuts, it was our intention to relay the distinct message: Nourish. Revitalize. Rejuvenate.

We prepare menu items that lend themselves to food experiences, while at the same time keeping you happy and healthy.

Our PlantCuts recipes are well thought out, and then are created and improved upon constantly. We learn what your taste buds get excited about, and we like to cater to them.

As a member of the vegan food industry, PlantCuts is continually looking for ways to offer our vegan customers the authentic smell and taste of foods they would not normally eat. For example, we are able to replicate the flavor and texture of sticky, barbequed ribs in a vegan product, and we can offer a house-made seitan that has the look and taste of bacon. By researching, experimenting with spices and house-made sauces, and taste-testing – again and again and again! – we are able to capture the tastes and textures of meat, fish, and poultry.

We are proud of our kitchen in downtown Toronto and the wonderful food that is created there from scratch. Walking into our kitchen is like walking into a farmer’s market, spice bazaar, and health food shop rolled into one. We use a wide range of products to create our deli cuts and seitan, and in doing so, we also make sure that you are gaining health benefits from all of them.

Conscious of flavor and the best ways to capture and present it in a healthy, vegan way, we’re committed to using only the highest quality ingredients while making sure that our products have no artificial preservatives or coloring. For example, all of our house-made sauces are created from scratch. That’s a whole lot of sauces to make, using large quantities of spices and herbs to get our flavor combos just right. Even our Worcestershire sauce, BBQ sauce, and liquid smoke are house-made. By not using ready-made sauces or dressings for our recipes, and by creating our own raw materials, we have better control over the healthy measures PlantCuts strives for, whether that means we’re lowering your salt or sugar intake, and allowing healthy fats into a product.

To that end, PlantCuts works hard to create vegan food that is fresh, made from scratch, and prepared in-house. We are proud of our efforts and recognize that our customers clearly enjoy our menu offerings because…they keep coming back for more!