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A Vegan Thanksgiving

One can always find something to be thankful for. Hopefully this year you can gather around the dining room table with family and some friends — who are in your social bubble — to mark this special day and count your blessings.

A Thanksgiving menu often includes hearty dishes made with autumn “harvest” vegetables such as a variety of squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, parsnips, green beans, and beets. Seasonal fruits, including cranberries, pears, apples — and more apples! — are used in main courses, sides, or desserts.

Although turkey, chicken, or beef are often the main-course attractions for Thanksgiving, you can prepare a satisfying vegan meal without using real poultry or beef. Start with a hearty, vegetable-based soup. Casseroles and stuffing, vegetable pies, and root vegetable mashes can serve as side dishes or even as main courses. No doubt you will find creative ways to incorporate harvest veggies into your Thanksgiving meal.

Our own Thanksgiving meal will have a traditional main course that looks “meaty”— and tastes that way, too — but is vegan. We will offer one platter featuring a variety of our Cooked Chicken, Butter Chicken, and Miso-Glazed Chicken,  and another platter with Roast Beef and Corned Beef. Sliced and ready to eat, they are perfect to serve with the vegetable and grain dishes planned for our holiday menu. It’s highly doubtful that there will be any PlantCuts leftovers, but we might still be having sweet-potato pie and that green bean casserole for several days!

We at PlantCuts are thankful for our staff, our family and friends, and for you — our customers…old and new. We wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.